/ 9.6.14 /
Sharing some track that we should be listening to this week.

I particularly love the first track on this set. It's After Hours from Ablebody's new EP. Also, listen to How to Dress Well's not so new track Repeat Pleasure from his upcoming new album. He has a new track circulating the net but this one stands out. First time to hear an upbeat HTDW.

#SURFBORDT: a summer mixtape

/ 16.4.14 /

Here's a perfect soundtrack for your summer roadtrip! ����������☀️


/ 3.3.14 /
Here are two of my recent most played/loved tracks!

BTW, YUCKZINE issue number two will have its launch!

ANALOG DIARY: Zambales that I used to know (ZAMBALES!)

/ 16.2.14 /
I went to Zambales last month for my nephew's birthday. It's been ages since I last visited so I decided to stay a little longer. Here's my Auntie Maritess.
I found this at my tito's workstation. Probably for inspiration. hahaha
This is my cousin Marineth. We call her Tisay :)
DOGGIE! This dog's so lambing.
I usually just lay around and get lazy. Whenever I get bored, I walked around the area looking for interesting things to see. I saw this...
also this :p
Lots of oregano there. Not the edible kind though
Holy Family
Lemme introduce you to the rest of the family. lelz
Real Macoy
Went to this Aunt's house and saw a lot of photos of the former president.
It was nice to go back to one of my favorite places. It brought me back to my childhood. Those times when I'd rather live there than in Manila. Though a lot has changed, it's still the Zambales that I used to know. Hahaha couldn't help it.

Roxas blvd.

/ 14.2.14 /
Roxas Blvd

MUST WATCH: You Know It's You by Slow Hello

/ /

My current local indiepop fave, Slow Hello, just released the video for the song You Know It's You from their debut Audio Baby. Happy Valentine's Day!

ANALOG DIARY: Bangkok 2013 Part One

/ 12.2.14 /
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok was the last stop from our southeast asian trip last October. From Siem Reap, Cambodia, we traveled to the Thailand capital for almost 8 hours via a coaster bus. We stayed in Silom area which was THE perfect place for a first-time traveler in BKK.
Bangkok, 2013
This wasn't in Silom. I forgot where this was but I'm sure I was lost when I took this. hahaha
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok, 2013
I took a boat trip going to one of the temples. Although not pristine, the river wasnt trashed nor had a foul smell. I promised myself not to compare Manila to BKK but it's really hard.
Bangkok, 2013
Everyone eats anywhere in BKK and that's one of the things I liked about it.
Bangkok, 2013
This ate asked me if I wanted to buy a dried frog legs. I ran. :p
Bangkok, 2013
I love seeing monks
Bangkok, 2013
I only visited one temple coz I've had enough at Angkor Wat.
Bangkok, 2013
The reclining buddha at Wat Pho. It doesnt do anything so it got bigger.
Bangkok, 2013
'If I lay here. If I just lay here...'
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok, 2013
The Supremes
Bangkok, 2013
Obviously, I was enjoying the temples :p
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok, 2013
I met this young couple from Poland and they thought I was Thai.
Bangkok, 2013
I also met this French guy who was struggling to have his self portrait. He mounted his camera over this thing and it almost fell. So, i volunteered to photograph him coz, you know, im friendly like that. :p
Bangkok, 2013
Prior to our trip, I made a list of the places to visit in BKK. I wanted to check the artsy side of the city so I googled 'hip places in Bangkok' and I got Thong Lo or Thonglor. Based on my research it's one of BKK's hip districts with art galleries and quaint little cafes, etc. So, I asked Lev and Luigi to come with me and check out the scene there. Maybe we were too early coz we didnt see anything special going on
We found a 711 though.
Bangkok, 2013
... and this interesting exterior
Bangkok, 2013
This massive black bricked wall deserved a photo-op
Bangkok, 2013
and this bad ass gate. hahahaa bad ass.
Bangkok, 2013
We also visited the backpacking district called Khao San Road(ako dito #corny)aka afam central. Almost every nationality is represented here.
Bangkok, 2013
you will also find one of the best pad thais in this place! YAMMEEE
Bangkok, 2013
If youre going to BKK, the Bangkok Art and Culture center is a must visit. It's one of the free museums in the city with interesting exhibits.
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok, 2013
told you, you can eat anywhere in BKK.
Bangkok, 2013
One morning, I strolled along Lumphini Park which was a few blocks away from Silom. Nothing special about this park but it was massive. Oh and I met this big lizard.
Bangkok, 2013
Bangkok has the best malls in Asia. I liked Siam Center. It's the mall where local designers and independent brands sell their stuff. I heard it was supported by the Thai government. Anyway, they also have an amazing food court where you can have a complete sosyal meal with drinks and dessert for less than 200pesos. It's like youre eating Rockwell style but with an SM budget.
Bangkok, 2013
Saw these babies on my way to the hotel. I swear, the white baby was beating up the asian one.
Bangkok, 2013
I will end this post with this. I still have two more rolls for Bangkok!!!
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