I Heart Chairlift

/ 26.8.09 /

Just as everybody wants to sound like The Klaxons and MGMT, Chairlift decided to separate from the nu rave band wagon and created a brand of pop music that's refreshingly inviting.

Does You Inspire You may sound grammatically incorrect but you’re gonna answer YES once you listened to their debut CD. It features an interesting mix of folk, tasteful psychedelic and a subtle synth of electro-pop with infectious melody. And speaking of infectious, their first single ‘Bruises’ is on heavy repeat in my iPod and it never fails to put a smile on my face every time I listen to it. I love the 80s feel to it minus the hairspray and shoulder pads. It's an honest song that manages to capture the pain of a one-way love affair and sugarcoats it with an upbeat catchy melody that you couldn’t help but to sing along. One thing I love about Chairlift is Caroline Polachek. Her soulful voice is often compared to Kate Bush and Feist but they are not as disarming as Polacheck’s. Chairlift might be new to the music scene but they have the makings of a band that is set to be an indie gem. They are cool, ingenius and they can make your black and blues into pink.

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