500 Reasons to Watch (500) Days of Summer

/ 21.10.09 /

Romance-comedy movies make me hurl even just seeing the trailers of 'em. Maybe I am just bitter how perfect they present love that in reality, I can barely survive its opening credits. But 500 Days of Summer is different in a way it made me realize the true meaning of "love", at least for now. Here are my 500 reasons to watch 500 Days of Summer:

1. Zooey Deschanel stars the film. Isn't that enough reason? She may not be as hot as Megan Fox but Zooey is just way too cool for the comparison. She's also the 1/2 of the indie-folk band She & Him.

2. Cool soundtrack! I love  love love all of the song played through out the film. It's like my own mixtape if i would be in love. It features The Smiths, Simon & Garfunkel, Regina Spektor, Black Lips and indie faves such as Feist, Doves, She & Him and Temper Trap. This is the best soundtrack of the year!

3. Nylon Covers. Zooey Deshanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were on the covers of the coolest mags- Nylon and Nylon Guys Magazine.

4. Zooey Deschanel's retro-chic style. Though she wasn't the 'Sex and the City' kind of glamorous, Summer (Zooey) sports vintage chic that's insanely charming. Most of her wardrobe were in shades of Blue. This is to match her perfect blue eyes says Hope Hanafin, wardrobe designer of the film.

5. Joseph Gordon- Levitt is a natural. He is not your usual rom-com guy who has beautiful face and hot body that's why Tom, his character, is very relatable to any guy who's struggling about career and lovelife. I am not an exception to that.

6. Cinematic Style. Marc Webb showed his music video prowess in his feature length debut without over doing it. The film was presented in a non-liner way that created a fresh take on a modern romantic-comedy. I just loved the classic French film cut-away scene and all of the split screens, something new in this boy-meets-girl genre.

7. The Dance Sequence. Yes, it has a dance sequence and it was funny.

8-500. Because it's the coolest romance-comedy film ever! It's fresh and honest and way too realistic from Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts' films. Another thing I liked about the film is it wasn't afraid to show the love in its real form. After watching the film, it made me realize that there is no destiny or fate in love, it just happen- coincidence that is (sniff). And before I sound too cheezy, just a spoiler, it has a sad happy ending. You figure out why. Watch it! Now na! : )


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