MUST LISTEN: Loving You Is Easy by Sarah McLachlan

/ 26.4.10 /

One fine summer day of 1998, while the 13 year old me was having my MTV fix, the video of Adia by Sarah McLachlan showed up on the screen and made the biggest impact in my teenage life. That's when I started to tear off all my Spice Girls posters in my room and forced myself to become depress so I could totally savor all the sad songs in Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing album. It was also the year when female singer/songwriters with folk-rock influences burst into the airwaves and Jewel, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos became my BFFs. I can still remember recording songs from 99.5RT and NU 107 into my old cassette tapes of B*Witched and All Saints and my Spice Girls friends (Spice Barkada) hated me for listening to my newly discovered music. hahaha!

And after nearly seven years, Sarah McLachlan is back with a new album to be released on June 15th. It's called The Laws of Illusion and I have the first single out of that album. Well, all the researching paid off. Loving You Is Easy is an upbeat track and I can sense she is in a happy mood.


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