MUST LISTEN: Our Weekends Dissolve by Us-2 Evil-0

/ 13.4.10 /
What I hate about this band is how Quark Henares and Mich Dulce make me kilig every time they do the lets-pretend-we're-an-item-and-sing-like-we're-in-love acts in their live performances and music videos. They are like the hipster Marian River and Dingdong Dantes love team. I have no idea if they really are together or they are just playing the part but what the heck, it's benta pare. 

But what I love about Us-2 Evil-0 is the way they create pop songs- simple and catchy. Just like their new release Our Weekends Dissolve, their follow up to This Mighty Heart Attack which became my Lola's official soundtrack when my Lolo passed away. (heart attack... lolo... you get my joke right?)

Anyhow, this particular song doesn't have complicated musical machinery, no pretentious poetic lines just a catchy pop melody that creams I MISS YOU plus Mitch Dulce's child-like voice. Lovely. 

Watch the music video directed by Ramon de Veyra. (At ang Nokia puma-product placement.)

image from Us-2 Evil-0 Facebook


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