BAND CRUSH: Doldrums

/ 1.6.10 /

Contrary to what their name defines, Doldrums' sound is definitely not calm and stagnant. This band from Toronto is getting a lot of hype in the underground scene and they have become one of the most intrigued unsigned band there is.

I just love it whenever I hear fresh sound/music from an unknown band. It's like having a new pair of you and you just want to wear them over and over again. Doldrums just did that to me. Though they have very few materials out yet, these tracks prove that Doldrums will go beyond the borders of Canada and it doesn't matter if they don't have visas.

Their sound is a fusion of electro, art-rock, drum n' bass and everything. It's hard to pin down which genre they fall in to but whatever that is, they own the category.

The video below is my fave from their releases:

And this one is just plain awesome!

The first official release will be a limited edition VHS mixtape recorded at Everlasting Joy (Toronto's largest DIY showspace and Doldrums' home studio.) You can also check their MySpace and blog for more info of the band.


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