MUST LISTEN: Let's Make Babies by The Bernadettes

/ 23.6.10 /

Oh, I know DOH and DepEd will not like the title of this track. Apart from its suggestive title, this song from The Bernadettes made these indie drunk poppers from the South a sort of a household name in the underground scene. It's fun and catchy. And after the second chorus, you will find yourself singing "Let's Make Baby!!!" on top of your lungs.

The Bernadettes used to be part of indie label Lily Records. But as of May 4th, their contract with the label expired along with Turbo Goth and no reports yet of renewal. Well, I am sure these guys will find another recording company with all the good materials they have. For now, we can just enjoy this awesome track and shout to the world "Let's Make Babies!!!!" (If you're already married, ok kids?)


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