Juvenile Rock Stars: They're Not That Innocent

/ 14.8.10 /
They are still waiting for some bodily hair to appear but these young rockers definitely know how to use their electric guitars better than those other (older) rock star wannabes.

1. The Pretty Reckless

From Courtney Love feud to wardrobe indecencies, Taylor Momsen takes her rebellious character in Gossip Girl seriously and creates music that goes with the attitude. Her voice is surprisingly strong. I love the subtle huskiness of it. It's just good to know that she is rooting for this edgy direction instead of joining the teen star bandwagon. Just easy on the eyeliner, Lil J and everything is fine.

2. Tiny Masters of Today

Hailed from Brooklyn, New York, these punk rock siblings in their early teens just released their sophomore album Skeletons with collaborations with tiny and unknown names in the rock scene like Karen O and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Fred Schneider (The B-52's) and Russell Simins (Blues Explosion). They are also being compared by the critics to The Ramones. How about that for some comparison to THE punk legend!

3. The Indecent

When I was 14 years old, I was busy collecting trading cards and memorizing the regions in the Philippines. Unlike these teens, they spend their time creating grunge music and giving it a youthful spin. If Kurt Cubain was still alive, this New York-based band would be a big threat in his career. When I first heard their single 25 Steps, I had no idea that it was by a band in their early teens. Yes! Like 12 years old or something. Their music is all out grunge. It's emotional, straight up rock and roll sound without any cute sugary in sight.  The Indecent's debut album will be released this September.


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