RARITY: Sugar Hiccup(Cocteau Twins cover) by Sugar Hiccup

/ 2.8.10 /
Today's a good day for music hunting for me. I found lot's of new stuff as well as old ones. Just like this rarity by one of my favorite local bands from the 90's Sugar Hiccup. I have been searching for this song for ages and I finally got a copy.

Ever wonder where did they get their name? It's a song by the band who most influenced their music and sound- Cocteau Twins. Sugar Hiccup(song) was part of Cocteau Twin's EP Sunburst and Snowblind. Sugar Hiccup(band) then cover it for a tribute album for Cocteau Twins called Half-Gifts.

But what does Sugar Hiccup mean? Thoughts?

Here's the original version from Cocteau Twins:

And here's Sugar Hiccup's version:

Which version is better?


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