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Being a 90's kid, Icould not avoid to listen to boybands, girlbands, bubble gum pop and all those in between. I was a major fan of Spice Girls. There I said. I thought they were the coolest! I thought belting out Spice Up Your Life would make me hip and all that. We even had a Spice Girls clique in our gradeschool where you had to be a die hard fan of the Fab 5 to be a member. But aside from Spice Girls, i also listened to other music outside the "pop" category...secretly. I never told my friends that I listened to Blur and Silverchair coz they might think that I was baduy and worst, they'd expel me from the Spice Barkada hahahah...

So here's a list of, at least, some of the artists/bands that I secretly loved during the Spice Girls era. I know these acts weren't the super cool ones in those years but they weren't that mainstream either.

First up is Bitter by Jill Sobule. The only meaning of 'bitter' that I knew when I was in grade school was the taste of Amplaya. I didnt know I'd embody that word when I grow up.

Next one is Summertime by The Sundays. I didn't know that the genre of The Sundays was indie-pop. I didn't even know that that genre exists.

Alisha's Attic was also a major fave especially this song. I remember waiting for this song to be played in the old 99.5 RT because they were the only radio station that played it. I love these twins because they always wore dresses and they looked like colorful vampires with their make-up.

How can I forget Lucious Jackson's Ladyfingers?! This video was always aired in Video Hit Parade! Haha! Everytime I rode a bus, I'd do their swaying side-by-side choreography especially when I'm at the back. And up until now, I don't know the right lyrics of the chorus of the song. I'd still sing as 'I got ladyfingers baby, got kid gloves baby i got HARD. I got HARD.' That didn't sound right, no? (BTW, look for Cibo Matto if you can spot them.)

I wanted to have a nose ring because of Kelli from Sneaker Pimps. 6 Underground was so hot in MTV Asia Hitlist back then. I remember watching the movie The Saint just to hear this song.

Perhaps this is the most pop of all the videos in this post. Jellyhead by Crush is such a fun song. This video was also on heavy rotation in Video Hit Parade.

I wanted to include Moonpools & Catterpillar, The Cardigans, Garbage, No Doubt, Portishead and Massive Attack but they're always on the list of everyone's 90's fave so I chose the ones that were less popular but still have pop sensibilities. I will end this list with Republica's Ready to Go.


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