MUST LISTEN: 4 New Robyn Songs

/ 11.11.10 /

I know a lot of you love Robyn so much and I do too. But honestly, sometimes, I question her creativity. I mean, she has released so many Body Talks album and she just remixed most of the songs from it to include something to the next installment.

Finally, she will release the final chapter of the Body Talk series this month which is called, you guessed it right, Body Talk. It includes five remixed songs from Part 1, two remixed songs from Part 2 and another five NEW songs which includes Indestructible.  I managed to have the other four of those new songs below for streaming.

Time Machine is definitely a single waiting to be released. It's one of the most commercial tracks from Robyn's Body Talk series. Call Your Girlfriend has that signature Robyn arrangement and play of emotion. You know she's in pain because of the lyrics of the song but at the same time she wants us to dance to it. In short, baliw! Stars 4-Ever and Get Myself Together are as pop as the former. It seems that Robyn saved all of the songs with commercial appeal for the final chapter.

Time Machine

Call You Girlfriend

 Stars 4-Ever

Get Myself Together


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