NEW ALBUM: The King of Limbs by Radiohead

/ 19.2.11 /

One day earlier from the original planned release, The King of Limbs by Radiohead surprised the waiting crowd with electronic-driven album as opposed to the rumored organic-sounding one. I have nothing against this avant-garde direction. I actually loved it. Some say that it could pass as the sequel to their 2007 release In Rainbows and got nothing fresh to offer. Well we've expected a lot from them but The King of Limbs is not their worst record (meron ba?).

After looping the whole album for so many hours, I've decided that it will stay in that state I dont know til when. Codex and Give Up the Ghost  are the stand out tracks for me. These are probably the less electronic songs from the album and it's good to hear real instruments from this band coz they are better with that. You can download the whole album on the official website of Radiohead or you can just stream it here.

Here's the lead single from The King of Limbs. (Watch Thom York dancing like a stupid hasbeen)


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