Heartbeats: Ellie Goulding's attempt to cover José González' cover of The Knife's original

/ 17.3.11 /

Ellie Goulding seems enjoying covering songs than making her own music lately. After covering Elton John, Bon Iver, Temper Trap and Rihanna, here she is once again covering another song and this time, she murdered it! Heartbeats was part of The Knife's 2003 album Deep Cuts which José González did a fantastic cover in 2006 making it a heartfelt acoustic number.

Here's The Knife's original version.

Jose Gonzales reinterpreted the electro-pop and making it his own.

Belgian girls choir, Scala & Kolacny Brothers, made it sound like a gospel song...

And here you have Ms Goulding pushing the envelope of remaking by covering the cover of the song (tsss)...

Hate it or like it?


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