MUST WATCH: Mixtape by Us-2 Evil-0

/ 1.3.11 /

Mixtape is the least catchy song from Us-2 Evil-0's debut (and probably their last) album Dirty Debutantes but it's one of my favorites. Aminin na natin, we all created at least one mixtape for someone special. I just love how mixtape can be a tool in expressing someone's feelings whether it's love, happiness, dismay, sadness or whatever the theme is. I remember making a 'love' mixtape for someone complete with cover art and packaging. I wanted to surprise that person so I sneaked into their place, disguised with a hoodie and shades, and left the mixtape on the doorstep. I was expecting that person would text me and thank me for it but days passed I didnt receive any. Yeah that's how mushy I am. I usually make mixtape for someone I LIKE. So if you receive one from me, you're special  #ayy

(eww this is not supposed to be a cheesy post)  

While Mich Dulce is showing the whole world how talented she is in making hats and Quark Henares keeps on adding hyphens under his name, we are left with the question "What's next with Us-2 Evil-0?" This music video was shot in London, Singapore and Manila. The highlight of this video is definitely Wincy Ong's dancing! ANG GALING MO LANG!! haha


Anonymous on: March 6, 2011 at 1:42 AM said...

probably the most annoying band! quark u suck!

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