MUST WATCH: Queen of Hearts by Fucked Up

/ 23.6.11 /

I am not a big fan of noisy music but there's something with Fucked Up that makes me enjoy it. Probably coz of the live performances that made me a fan of this Canadian band. I just love watching Pink Eyes (Damian) going crazy on stage. He's my male version of Gossip's Beth Ditto. You might not see his crazy antics on their video for the single Queen of Hearts but it's definitely a must watch. I wish I had the same class when I was in grade school where we could just shout to each other and sing like on the video :) Fucked Up third studio album, David Comes to Life is still available under Matador.

Check out this live performance by Fucked Up featuring the nerdy Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend...


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