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/ 13.8.11 /
I was checking out some missed emails earlier this morning and I found a lot of music suggestions coming from Thailand. Been planning to do a post about the indie scene here in Southeast Asian region and i might start of with Thai indie bands. (image via here)

La-Ong Fong

I am a big fan of "indie-pop", twee, 60's style of music. So when I stumbled upon La-Ong Fong's music, it was love at first sight (hear). They just released their fourth studio album Wind-Up City in Thailand and critics say it's the band's most pop album.  So, if you're into The Cardigans, Club 8, Acid House Kings and all these Swedish indiepop acts, then you will love La-Ong Fong long time! Plus, I love their mod-style fashion. Here are their latest music videos from the Wind-Up City album...

Coconut Cream

You cant get any Thai than that name! What I like about the music Coconut Cream is it creates a story in your head without even understanding what their singing about. Most of the songs in their 14-track album Yellow are guitar instrumentals which can lull you into sleep. This is the kind of music you wanna listen too if you want to do nothing and just stare blankly to anything. Try closing your eye while listeing to the songs below and you'll get what i mean. 


Another amazing Thai act here is Hummingbert. Acoustic/Electroacoustic/Experimental are some of the adjectives that people describe Hummingbert's music. Complicated as it may sound but Ekkachai Klomcharoen (Hummingber's real name) prefers it to be just simple and melodic. If youre gonna ask me, all i would say is he makes beautiful music that i can listen to everyday.


Speaking of complicated mix of genre, DOT here wants it that way. Their music is a fusion of indie rock, alternative and electronica. Influenced by The White Stripes, The Kills, Air and Beck, you can see that DOT don't want to play it safe. I have yet to hear more from this duo but so far, i am liking it.


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