Aqua is Back, Alright!

/ 3.10.11 /
I am sure you remember Aqua, the Danish-Norwegian bubblegum-pop band behind the 90's "cult" favorite Barbie Girl who got sued by Mattel for making Barbie as a sex object and referring to her as a "Blonde Bimbo."

If you're too young to know them, this video is a good intro about the band...

But I dont really like Barbie Girl. The classic Aqua hit for me has got to be this...

I know, I maybe blogging about indie music and stuff but hey, we're still allowed to like pop music, right? Plus this band always reminds me of that good old days when pop music was still pop music. Anyway, Aqua is back with a new album called Megalomania and the video you're about to watch is their second single. Playmate to Jesus is not really a typical title for an Aqua song but it's really pretty decent and catchy. It could pass as an early 2000s pop song. And Lene doesn't age! She's still gorgeous and now she's fashown. Kinda reminds me of a friend :) 


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