/ 27.10.11 /
I may love listening to Rafael Nadal's grunts while he backhands his ball but it doesn't have enough smash to match with Tennis' ace sound. I'm talking about this husband-wife duo from Denver, Colorado who took a 7 month sailing trip and ended up making an album inspired by it. Whatever happened to that nautical exploration? We dont know exactly but listening to their debut album Cape Dory (which you can stream here) made me wish I was with them during that trip. Their music is a mix of early 60's girl group doo-wop songs, indie-pop, surf rock and sun shiny shimmering splendid. Think of Shangri Las doing an orgy The Beach Boys, Cults and Mazzy Star. Oh yeahsss!! You can play Tennis below...

Take Me Somewhere

You can also download this cover of Brenda Lee's Is It True.


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