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/ 30.11.11 /
Photo by Bobby Benedicto
I am so excited to introduce to you guys this amazing musician! He is Joon Guillen aka Modulogeek. He just came out with an amazing new EP this year called Transition (Number Line Records) and it might just be THE best local release of 2011. I bugged him with some silly questions which he gamely answers below...

When did you start as Modulogeek?
It was mostly an act of desperation. When I moved to hk I found it increasingly frustrating to not being in a band (as was the norm in Manila). Eventually I decided to go solo and what better way to start by trying electronic music? 

How would you describe your music?
It's pop music that has had quite a few drinks in a bar, hooks up with a nice cute girl, then wakes up the next morning in a tub of ice with its kidney removed.  

What’s the story behind your name?
I took a class in cryptography and learned that modular arithmetic (where modulo is always used) plays a major role in modern encryption (as in, how we keep our Internets secure and such.)  At the same time I associated modulo operations with how my interests wax and wane periodically, as if in a cyclical manner - it could be film one moment, then books the next, then taxidermy, then back to film etc etc. Geek is kinda obvious ;)
How would you describe Transition in one sentence?
Kidney removal trial runs!

You played Mandolin in the track The Tail of Mr.Fox? Can you tell us what other musical instruments you play?
I didn't play them. A handful of the tracks in Transition are results of remix projects by the community.  The idea is to create a song out of only a handful of participant-submitted samples and nothing else. So The Tail of Mr. Fox is 100% samples, as are Spectre and No Laughing Matter. I *can* play instruments (to some degree).  Just the usual rock band components - guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. 

Were you in Hong Kong when you made Transition? If yes, would you say that the culture/vibe in HK inspired you to make this EP and in what sense? 
Yes I made the tracks in HK.  I guess there is some influence, but I can't tell exactly how.
Photo by Camilla Pante

...your worst vice?
gaming marathons!

...your favorite website?

 ...are you listening right now?

 ...your secret talent?
none worth telling :D

 ...your worst fashion advice? ;)
i have no fashion sense so anything i say is bad fashion advice. you'd never admit you listen to?
i dunno.. i have no shame in music. i just listened to "Tomorrow" from Annie several times in a row, does that count?  

So there! Now it's time for you to listen to his music. Download it. Love it.Share it.


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