Paradigm Shift x Leatherengines

/ 12.11.11 /

"A tiny bit less virginal than the last collection, Dream Incubation goes back to the absent consciousness of falling asleep. Clothes that resemble a cross between pillow cases, parachutes , and men's boxers which give rise to elements like armholes, necklines , and belt loops that take after the fly of a pair of boxer shorts. Ambiguous clothes that restrict ,and at the same time , provide ease and inspire free-fall or flight."

Here's a thousand ways how you can wear each piece.
You can actually make your own version on how to wear these...

Endless possibilities...

Triple the trouble! this collaboration by Paradigm Shift (Karl Luterio & Mike Magallanes)and Leatherengines (Curves Lopez) pushes the boundaries of functional clothing. Congrats you guys! ;)

Visit to order
Watch the lookbook in motion of Dream Incubation

Si Marco! ;)


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