ANALOG DIARY: October Part 1

/ 9.12.11 /
Some memories from Tahiti 80 gig, Philippine Fashion Week and Meiday Halloween. Gad, I take the most awkward photos
I lost my heartbeat!
Karl redux
shiny happy fashyown people!
Who's your date, Don? :)
I have my flowers in bloom. Wanna smell? ;p
Stef, mukha kang virgin dito!
Hello Helga!
Pedro Resende!
Jolly Ally of Gold Dot.
Hello Pat and Judd
Nante's not to sure if he would smile or
I wish I had this guy's towering height. Hello Earl! ;)
Forgot which show this was
Paul wearing Proud Race and OS!
doing some test shots. BLECH
Patayin sa shokot sina Thysz and Don! Hahaha so love this shot!
We read magazines even during concerts #maghag
What ever happened to...
Praybeyt Pawaw!!
Karl & kookie
Hell's Kitchen


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