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/ 2.12.11 /

This week, I've received heaps of music suggestions in my mail and it's one of the reasons why I keep on doing this little blog. I just love getting emails from different parts of the world and discovering music from these great musicians/bands. And, it's such an honor for my blog to be one of their venues in sharing their works.So, I hope you like the music you're about to hear as much as I do. ;)

Housse de Racket - Chateau

You know what they say about French men... they make awesome music ;) This track is still from Housse de Racket's sophomore album Alesia

Citizens! - True Romance

Five lads from London met in a random party and the next thing they know they have a single out under Kitsune! Click here to download Citizens!'s another sold track (I’m In Love With Your) Girlfriend

Jonquil - It's My Part

Just hit the play button! It's a nice song, I swear!
Young Circles- Love Hitch

"Love Hitch is a psychedelic journey that visualizes the cognitive process of forgetting a lost love; an experience that represents the chemical reactions in our brains.

Slow Club - If We're Still Alive

Slow Club's latest video for the song If We're Still Alive takes footage from their recent US trip as well as travels in the UK to give an intimate look at life in a touring band, capturing live gigs, long drives, late nights, and days off at the beach.

Tubetops - Here With You

WARNING: You can get pregnant by just watching this music video.

Deleted Scenes - Bedbedbedbedbed

This song will make you slow, sluggish and well, sleepy. But dont get me wrong, it really is a dope track. I like it ;)


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