ANALOG DIARY: Toro y Moi in Manila

/ 4.4.12 /
Here are some pix from my throw-away cam during Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi's Manila gig last February :) 
was tryin to get a good position to take better photos of the stage but this was the closest I could get and my cam didnt have zoom
tried going at the back but it was a wrong decision
good thing i saw Diego and Ge coz i went there alone. most of my friend saw Toro y Moi at Laneway SG.
here's another attempt. #fail
met Micaela Benedicto of Outerhope
Sha and Chie
Leah and Sha
Hello Sam!!
JOFF! he's the man behind this awesome gig! more of this please!!
finally I got closer to the stage.
Helga, went straight to Hard Rock from the airport. Shetold me her Laneway SG stories while I cried inside :(
Ge's hello kitty frames! #love
met Pat of the Wilderness band. She's so pretty and cool. #girlcrush and oh one of the boys is her lil bro. I dont remember which one.
finally met Niña Sandejas with THE Francis Brew.
There was a meet & greet after the gig. Wasnt able to have anything signed by Chaz coz there were a lot of people in line.
Dropped my cam and wasted the last shot of the film. It was a fun night and I enjoyed Toro y Moi's set. Hope to see more of this kind of gigs here in Manila. Here's a video (not mine) from that night's gig.


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