ANALOG DIARY: May 5, 2012

/ 20.5.12 /
 Went to Heima's Design Discussions 3 at the open space in LRI Design Plaza..
Got inspired with photographer Charles Buenconsejo's humble beginnings. I liked the way he presented his talk.
There were six speakers without any breaks. Good thing they had free lafangs at the end of the event.
Melvin getting his Soleil Ignacio postcard signed by...Soleil Ignacio )
Saw Thysz, Shin Lopez and Charles Buenconsejo. Kidding! :p
I checked the Heima store and saw these cute rabbit figurines...
They also had an impressive selection of records. I wanted to purchase this Belle & Sebastian vinyl but I have to buy a record player first :p
Then Melvin, Thysz and I went to this resto called The Frazzled Cook in Mandaluyong for dinner and some Pinoy pop culture discussions with Melvin's friends.
The Frazzled Cook's interior was quirky and full of interesting stuff. Just like these...
and heaps of theses cats...
The night was still young so we decided to go to Today x Future. Luckily, Judd and Earl were spinning that night...
Good night, Thysz


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