The Cardigans, I Miss U!!!

/ 18.5.12 /
Did a little spinning at TODAYxFuture in CubaoX last Wednesday for the Strict Rules of Polite Society night and felt totally nostalgic when I played The Cardigans' Black Letter Day. The Cardigans was my first taste of "indie-pop" band when I was discovering music other than the Spice Girls in grade school. I didnt even know that their sound was called twee/indie-pop until I discovered the whole scene when I was in senior high. This song made them popular in 1996...
Lovefool was the first single from their album First Band on the Moon and it was used as the official soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet. It was the only song that I knew from The Cardigans until they got featured on Jude Rocha's show where they play music videos from a certain band/artist's videography. It was then I first saw/heard my future favorite song Rise & Shine...
This track was part of their debut album Emmerdale.
And Sick & Tired
also this track called Celia Inside... awwww super love
On the same show, they also played Carnival...
from their album Life.
Also in this album is one of my favorites Daddy's Car. It's such a nice track for road trips. Well, because it's about road trip...around the world. hehe
Their albums were well received in their home country Sweden and some parts of the world especially in Japan and were starting to have some followings in the US. Then they got a record deal under Mercury Records in the States, released their third album First Band on the Moon...
 Released Lovefool, performed on the original Beverly Hills 90210
covered Black Sabbath's Iron Man and became an instant hit!
After a few years of hiatus, they came back with a new album and a new sound which was far from their usual twee. Gran Turismo was released.
Fans were shocked with the drastic change of The Cardigans' music. It was edgier and more rock oriented with a little bit of electronic. And on the video of the first single My Favorite Game, we see Nina Perrson wearing too much raccoon makeup while driving violently on a freeway.
This was not The Cardigans that I loved but I learned to like their new sound. Erase/Rewind was an awesome song...
Then, another album was released. This time, it's quieter than its predecessor.
The mood of Long Gone Before Daylight was very singer/songwritter folk-pop type. And as a fan, again, I learned to love it. How could you not like Nina's boho look and her long, black hair?
and one of my faves on this album is this track called And Then You Kissed Me. *swoooon*
Another album was released but it didnt get that much of attention...
but i super love the carrier track of this album and its title- I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer. It's kinda naughty, no?
Ok, so this is pretty much getting longer and longer. All I wanna say is I really miss this band and i am still hoping for some new materials from them. Or at least a tour here in Manila pleeeeezzz!


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