ANALOG DIARY: Let's get together again

/ 3.7.12 /
Here's what my friends and I usually do...
Hangout at Curves' house to...
...distract him from his plate or...
...make fun of ourselves :)
I loved Karl's Sailormoon shirt!
Fashion Week is our Super Bowl. We have to watch at least one show and... at Wendy's. It's not a tradition but we always end up eating here after the show.
At some point, we also kind of wish we were an "ambassador" of a brand. Here, we tried our best to look delicious and be the ambassadors of good taste :)
we share some fashion tips...
...also hair and make-up tips.
If I weren't with the people above, I'd be with my hommie Arnie. Yeah, she's thug like that :)
It's raining the whole day while I'm this post, it made me miss my friends soo much.
So, I'll just sit here by the phone and wait for you calls, my friends...
specially you, Ronald! Let's hang out soon :p


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