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I read some tweets last night about OPM (Original Pilipino Music) being dead (again) that led to some violent reactions from people who think that it is indeed alive and blah blah. Hmmm I'll save my thoughts on this one for a separate entry. But this "argument" had me feeling so nostalgic about the heydays of OPM, particularly the 90's, PARTICULARLY the female-fronted bands. I wasn't keen of bands with male vocalist before. Probably because I couldn't relate to their songs about having a long hair or how they get piss drunk. I liked bands with delicate voices singing about love and peace and heartbroken but with kick-ass attitude. Just like the first band here...

Agaw Agimat
QT Paduano Nadela was one eccentric vocalist. She performed in barefoot and danced frantically out of tempo and the public loved it. They are known for their political songs with pop sensibilities. No wonder, they gained mainstream success and was one of the well-known acts of  the 90's.

I remembered my mom was like ano bang pangalan yan? ba't nagmumura? hahaha Well, their name was indeed a wordplay but our favorite Manila Girl, Myra (later became Skarlet) with the rest of the mod-clad Put3ska brought the ska sound in the mainstream Pinoy music scene.

Hungry Young Poets

Almost all teen boys had a crush on Barbie Almalbis (except me) when Hungry Young Poets broke out in the scene in 1997. How can you not like a cute girl who plays guitar and sings about guys being torpe and a girl wanting to be a firewoman, ameryt? Again, not my thing. hahaha But dont get me wrong, I was a big fan of HYP. I was in love with their song Firewoman (which got a heavy airplay on MTV Asia and had followings in the neighboring countries) until I got their album and heard Drowning. I loved the funky intro and thought it was the strangest thing I heard for a HYP song.

Prettier Than Pink
Their only hit Cool Ka Lang was probably one of 90-est songs of the 90's. Traffic, "good time" and the word Cool in a song? sooo 90's! Plus those hideous hats! hahaha

Fronted by the late Anabel Bosch, Elektrikoolaid was one of the underrated bands of the 90's. I really dont know much about the band but this track made me a fan.

One of the amazing bands of the late 90's! Their music was a mix of avant-pop and alternative and yet they were signed in a major label. Something that wont happen these days. My fave track from their debut album was this bittersweet dreamy song called Fool's Song. Haaaay. brings back that teen crush feeling :)

Color it Red
If we'll do a survey of the most played songs in funerals, Color it Red's Paglisan will definitely top it. I loved how Cookie Chua looked laid-back and lutang every time she appears on TV screen. No, Im not saying she's  on drugs. She just had this breezy, effortless look which I totally liked.

Probably the coolest Pinoy act of the 90's with their funky hip-hop sound and  their computer-generated graphic music videos (which were oneofakind back then). They had some international success, toured the UK and got remixed by Norman Cook. Lastly, Radha.

Sugar Hiccup
Saving the best for last! No one would ever comes close to Melody Del Mundo's powerful vocals not even Regine Velasquez. I must admit, I was too scared to finish their haunting song Five Years when I first heard it on the radio. I was a weakling 10yearold, what do you expect?! It was like our own Gloomy Sunday. It was the most chilling three-minute song with only humming and six words as lyrics. POWER! :p I just revisited their albums when I started listening to Cocteau Twins later in high school and found out that Sugar Hiccup got their name from a Cocteau Twins song. Their brand of music is a mash of dreamy indie-pop with a hint shoegaze. My kind of music! so I am biased when I say that Sugar Hiccup is THE best female-fronted band of the 90's.

(all photos are from google images. If your photos are used and want to be credited, feel free to comment and i'll do so. Thanks)


{ jay-p } on: May 3, 2014 at 9:26 PM said...

I was on an FX earlier today and heard Sugar Hiccup's Five Years on the radio. I love how mesmerizing and haunting it is. Googled the song and led me here. This is a nicely written post. 90's music is wonderful and diverse. I miss it.

{ Unknown } on: July 18, 2018 at 4:57 PM said...

I already listen to sugar hiccups wayback 20 years ago. But had forgotten them for awhile and i got lost looking for them anywhere. Then i came across this post and everything went back just like old times.

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