That houseparty...

/ 15.10.12 /
That name was a cringe fest but, yeah, I had so much fun at the last "hipstarship" house party a few moths back. Here's what happened...
 suck it up, K!
 Shaira Luna!
 Pauline white
 Mei, Sam, and En or An? :p
 Oh! Here's An. So, that was En on the photo above..hahaha
 Went crazy when Kix played BSB's Everybody!
 Thysz topping the bull! :p
 Here's for the laydees
I wasnt brave enough to ride the mechanical bull so Bambi was my option.
 Paradigm Shift's Karl, Mike and Bambi. hehehe
 Ruther versus...
 Thysz and her invisible pants :)
 I guess they were happy to see Green Ranger
 wait, are you guys twins?
 nice booties!! i mean, she's wearinga nice pair of black booties
 Helga, Eunice and Mike
 Oh yeah, the theme of the party was Neon Indian versus...
 ...Space Cowboys(?) :p


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