BAND CRUSHES: Womb and Gumdrop Season

/ 12.12.12 /

Manila, i love you, but these two acts from the south could give your basic, over-hyped indie bands a run for their beer money.

Cebu-based trio Womb is trying to make trip-hop a comeback with a lechon twist- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Im not sure why i used lechon to describe this band (i know it sounds awful)  but once you listen to their debut track, Good, you'll hit the repeat button over and over again. It's that delicious. If you're into Lamb, Massive Attack or even Dido, Womb's music is good for a nostalgic spin.

Im not sure if this is the best delicacy in Cagayan de Oro but Gumdrop Season's music makes my sweet tooth satisfied. It's dancey, catchy, melodic, everything i love in a pop song. Plus the vocalist sounds like Emma Bunton! How cute is that?! Gumdrop Season has a big potential in breaking out in a much wider audience here in Manila and we are ready for them. Here's their debut single Buoyant

via Vandals on the Wall


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