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/ 21.12.12 /
Since the Mayan prediction failed us, we've got another day for great music finds!

Bee Eyes - Earthworm Jr.
and im seeing kaleidoscopes by just listening to this. WOW

Kid Astray - The Mess
Let's enjoy these teens from Norway before the rest of the world does. That sounds wrong in so many levels.

Furns - Power
You've got the power over me like Moises had the power over sea. I could picture a 50 Shades of Grey moment there.

The Airplanes - An Inverted Lovesong
A cheerful take on heartbreak and longing for someone. awwwww...

Our Numbered Days - Carlos
If Justin Vernon is going to sing in Filipino, this is how he'd sound. Our Numbered Days aka Ridge Tan is the one half of one of my fave local acts of 2012- Library Kids.

smilelove - Theme Song
indiepop + Japanese = cute! I dont understand a single word but this track is way too adorbs to ignore!

Plastic Flowers - In You I'm Lost
Another track with an abysmal voice. 

Gumdrop Season - Buoyant (Acoustic)
Another fave of mine this year, Gumdrop Season from Cagayan de Oro playing an acoustic version of the pop tune Bouyant. I kinda like this version better.

When Nalda Became Punk - When It'll Come


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