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/ 10.1.13 /
Dropped some tracks for the Strict Rules of Polite Society night at the new Today x Future last night. 
 Howie discussing some serious matters with Mike Benedicto of Outerhope hahaha
 creep on me
 Sam and Leah
 fave photo of he night! hahaha this is so cinematic!
 awww look at that smile :)
I always enjoy Strict and spinning was such a delight. I got to play my favorites. I was tempted to play a One Direction song pero baka i get banned! haha. Loved the new Today x Future too!
Oh and obviously I used my phone's camera. Too lazy to bring a cam hehe Till next time!

Here's my playlist last night:
The Kiss - Pallers
Sweetness and Light - Lush
Alison - Slowdive
There She Goes - The La's
Pale Sunday - Happy
Marie - Solveig
7 Days - Acid House Kings
Breakdown - Club 8
The Sunbathers - Hope
Northern Portrait - I Feel Even Better
No Sir - The Pissy Clerks
Beach Vacation - Stay Awhile
Hey Girl - Delay
Shonen Knife - Daydream Believer
Ninni - Oh! You Turn Me Around
Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente
Le Coup - When I Think
Allo Darlin - Wonderland
St. Lucia - Better Than This
 Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas
Sugar Hiccup - Not Much


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