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/ 12.5.13 /
Upon reading @luiskatigbak 's tumblr post this morning, i realized that most of my favorite bands/albums/songs dont usually make it to the 'best of' or end-of-the-year lists. Although I dont really base my musical preferences on which is THE best or which one makes it to the top of NME's list, it makes me question myself: Do I have the worst taste in music? So, here's a list of my favorite bands/artists that these 'listers' may have overlooked.

1. Cocteau Twins

They may be on the top 3 best shoegaze acts(if there's a list) but seem forgotten when people list the best bands in general. If my memory serves me right, one of their albums is part of 1001 Albums You Need To Hear Before You Die. But still, Cocteau Twins should be on every Best Bands Ever list.

2. Club 8 and Blueboy

Apart from Belle & Sebastian, I think most of indie-pop/twee bands dont get easily picked up by people to be part of their best lists. I dont know if these listers just dont wanna be out of their comfort zone (aka google zone) or they just dont appreciate the simplicity and charm of the sub-genre. These two band might not have the influence of Kenye West but they should have a spot on someone's Top 500 Best of. Kahit 500 th and 499th spot.

3. The Sundays and The Cardigans

I think these two bands brought the dream-pop and twee genre to mainstream consumption and yet these snob 'listers' dont seem to recognize their worth.

4. Travis and Tahiti 80

They rather put Coldplay and Phoenix.

I still have a lot of fave bands in mind like Dead Can Dance, Ivy, Morcheeba, 10,000 Maniacs, Zero 7, Kings of Convenience, etc. But it's ok. These lists dont really matter, anyway. You know at the end of the day, the best on your list could be my worst. :)


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