BACKTRAX: I'm Shakin' by Rooney

/ 24.1.10 /
One of the simplest things in life that i truly appreciate is how my iPod can change my moods with just playing songs in random manner. Usually, the problem with iPod users, we tend to upload thousands of songs but we never really listen to most of it.

So one Monday morning, on my way to work, I accidentally put my iPod into 'Shuffle Song' mode and this song immediately played. This forgotten song sounds familiar as i listen to its intro. And when the beats started to reverberate in my eardrums so as my head started banging like i was in a gig or something. ROONEY it was!

'I'm Shakin'  was title of the song. I first heard it from the only episode of O.C. that I saw. And from then on, I fell in love with the song. Its upbeat tempo and sunny californiaesque feel turned my Monday morning into a summer holiday ready for the beach.

Take a listen

The vocalist(Robert Schwartzman) may look familiar to you. He has a movie stint before forming Rooney. Remember Anne Hathaway's highschool love interest in her first movie, The Princess Diaries?


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