MUST LISTEN: Islands by The XX

/ 24.1.10 /

Modern influences of R&B is evident in a lot of songs that we listen to. It may be obviously heard in pop songs or surprisingly in some indie faves that only those with keen ears can distinguish. Pitchfork describe The XX's sound as "Strongly influenced by modern R&B." I am no expert and I thank blogs like Pitchfork for informing those stupid people, like moi, with this kind of stuff. coz by just plainly listening to the songs of The XX in their debut CD xx, I wouldn't consider R&B as one of their influences. But hey, it's Pitchfork. Who am i to argue, right?

But going back to my real intent in posting this song, I just want to share the love I give with this new band from London. The XX was one of the best bands who came out last year and they are ready to take over 2010. Islands is my favorite track from their album xx. The sugary vocals of singer/guitarist Romy Madley Croft fitly blends with bassist Oliver Sim bland voice which is a perfect combination for this simple pop song about contentment. Maybe that's the reason why I fell in love with this song, sometimes you don't need technical reasons to appreciate good music, it's the big impact no matter how simple the song is.


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