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I dont know what's so sexy about living in America but one thing is certain, Dom's music is a sure fire summer fave. Hailed from Massachusetts, this trio is getting a lot of blog-love even before they released their debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. I heard most of the tracks from the EP and it seemed that Dom had fun tinkering their synthesizer. You may define their music as "chill wave" and can be compared with Neon Indian and Washed Out. But what sets them apart from these bands is their shoegaze-tinged sound that never runs out of catchy melodies.

The track that made Dom my recent band crush is Living in America. If you enjoyed MGMT's Electric Feel, Living in America has that same vibe but perkier. You'll also love the track Burn Bridges if you're into lo-fi music.

MP3 : Living in America  
MP3: Burn Bridges 


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