MUST LISTEN: The Sight of Love byThe Camerawalls feat. Sarah Gaugler

/ 29.4.10 /

Clem Castro did the right choice in leaving the now defunct Orange & Lemons and we can clearly see why "creative differences" was his reason to part from the band. Then, he formed The Camerawalls out of hunger for more indiepop action.

The Sight of Love is a summery track perfect for a sunny blue skies day. It features Sarah Gaugler on vocals which sounds insanely sweet, totally different when she sings in her band Turbo Goth. Here, she sounds like Julia Lannerheim of Acid House Kings. Well, most of the female vocalist of indiepop bands sounds the same.

I also love the video for this track! Makes me wanna go to Tagaytag and do some horseback riding. Wincy Ong is such a genius *drool*. The Sight of Love is off of their debut album Pocket Guide To the Otherworld. You can also download the single for free in their official site.

Watch and listen...


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