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I dug out some of my indiepop CD collection while looking for my Club 8 albums and found Blueboy's If Wishes Were Horses. There I was, falling in love with the band like the first time I heard them. Blueboy's brand of indiepop thought me how to smile in any sad situation- it's melancholic, melodic and extremely sweet. I can listen to their music and just float away from reality. It's dreamy, ambiguous, eerie at times but you can sing along after a few listen.  Keith Girdler and Gemma Townlet's voices were so charming you couldn't help but smile every time they sing. It's probably one of the best bands Sarah Records ever produced. Sadly, the vocalist Keith Girdler died of cancer in 2004 but his music lives on in the music history.

Below are some favorite tracks from their If Wishes Were Horses and Unisex album. Hit me up a message if you liked it or otherwise.


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