BAND CRUSH: Turbo Goth

/ 17.5.10 / defines Turbo Goth as a type of nu-goth or cyber goth that dances like a robot, wears cyberdog clothes and waves glowsticks. In my dictionary, Turbo Goth is an electro pop act that dances crazily, wears stylish clothes and their sound is glowsticks wave-worthy.

Turbo Goth's brand of electro pop is hypnotic, catchy and effortless to hear. Although their name implies dark and gothic, their sound has that hope-for-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel effect. Don't be fooled by Sarah Gaugler's tattoos and Amy winehouse eye liner, she sings beautifully and dreamy which reminds me of Kathy from Daydream Cycle. The other half of this hip band, Paolo Peralta, enters my stylish guys list with his Londoner style. I love how he put things together and his effort in presenting himself stylishly even in this hot weather. You gotta watch them live. Their crazy performance will blow you away and you'll thank God for making you a human and not a stage or a musical instrument coz these guys can go crazy.

They were used be under Lilystar Records but the website says Turbo Goth's contract has expired and no words yet if they're signing up another one. Hmm...Well for now, you can enjoy this music video of their first single 'Morning Swin' and you'll see why Turbo Goth is a major Band Crush.


{ Sarah Gaugler } on: May 18, 2010 at 1:25 PM said...

Uy! Astig! Thank you :)

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