NAY OR YAY? Lost in the World by Bon Iver & Kanye West

/ 7.10.10 /

When I heard about the news that Bon Iver will collaborate with Kanye West, my first reaction wast...there. Just the same as yours. Well I am not being snob or something. It's just that I couldn't imagine the sound when these two artists with opposing genre put together in a song. Monster (Kanye West feat. Jay-z, Bon Iver, etc.) was released and I could barely hear Bon Iver in the song. I didnt know that there's another track that from the two. Then came the Lost in the World song. To my surprise, i kind of liked it. Bon Iver didnt do much effort on this one. Kanye just used a sample of Bon Iver's song Woods from Blood Bank which is my favorite track from that EP. Good thing Kanye West didnt murder Bon Iver's song just like what Jason Derulo did to Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek.

Actually, Bon Iver's Woods is kind of like Imogen's Hide & Seek. It's intrumental with that robot sounding effect ala Cher in Believe. Here is Woods the original version.

And here's the leaked Lost in the World track with Kanye West.


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