NEW MUSIC: Heart in Your Heartbreak by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

/ 9.11.10 /

If you clicked this link because you thought that Heart in Your Heartbreak was the saddest song from a band that plays music with suicidal tendencies then you could be right but The Pains of Being Pure at Heart does it in a very subtle way. So subtle that you'll find yourself dancing by the time the first beat hits your eardrum and you won't notice that Kip Berman is singing about a girl who is the 'heart in your heart break/the mis in your mistake...she was the tear in your rainstorm/she was the promise that you never swore/and no matter what she said it's never gonna come back' :( . But no matter how painful the words are, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart made sure that it's still fun, sunny and all the adjectives that describe indie-pop. Heart in Your Heartbreak is the first single from their sophomore album Belong out on March 2011.


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