MUST LISTEN: Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin) by Kyla

/ 16.12.10 /

I must admit it, I was one of Kyla's first few fans when she was starting to breakout in the music scene. Why? Because she's the only local singer that can pull-off an R&B sound without any pretense especially when it's an original track. Her debut album, Way To Your Heart, was the only non rock/alternative OPM album that I enjoyed listening. It's straight up soul and R&B with Filipino flavor which Kyla should do more often instead of covering covers that's been covered by several local 'cover' singers.

What led me to do this post is Kyla's new song Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin). I first heard this in a taxi ride and liked it from then on. I don't know what's the musical direction of her new album Private Affair. But judging the sound of her new track, it seems that she's going vintage. It has that retro, Motown feel which can be liken to what Alicia Keys is doing. Well, this song REALLY sounds like Alicia Keys. Mahal Kita also shows Kyla's vocal maturity from being almost unheard to a screaming siren. Yes, she's screaming in this song. Maybe she did it intentionally because she's singing about a suppressed feeling for someone and she finally has the guts to scream it to his ears...literally. (He heard you Kyla. The whole world heard you). I don't know if this album is already out or when is it going to be available. Just enjoy this song and I am sure a lot of you can relate to her. Just don't scream too much ;)


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