My Mediocre Photography Using Lumix LX3

/ 13.2.11 /
Here are the first few shots that I took from my Lumix LX3. If my photography professor would see this post, he'd be ashamed of it. Yes, i had a basic background in photography (which is not obvious) and it's one of the subjects where i excelled the most...that was back in college. I was trained using a film SLR  Yeah right. Thanks to the auto mode of my Canon EOS 66, most of my home works had the right aperture and shutter speed. I never learned how to mix those two. I hated bracketing, F stops and flash bouncing. What I loved was our black&white lessons where i learned how to process films. I nearly died when i saw my first roll of films. It turned out just the way i pictured it.

My model was my friend Angela and I wanted to have a goth feel to the photos. Too bad i lost this roll. Anyway, going back to the main point of this post. Here are the first few shots that I took from my Lumix LX3:

AJ's fridge top

Nante and his new hipster bike

Karl doing the V pose


Karl channeling Bryan Boy

Mike and Curves Purple Hair

The Room

and the hipster Fabgelous


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