The Most RAKENROL Pinoy Movie...Ever \m/

/ 9.4.11 /

I've always wanted to start a band. A rock band. But my biggest problem since I started dreaming about it is I dont know how to play any musical instrument. The only thing I can contribute in my future rock band (if there is actually a future) is to be the lead vocals. Oh another thing, I cannot sing well. But that should not stop me from being a vocalist, right?   I mean these days, you dont need to have that 'golden voice' to be in a band. Just look at Quark Henares. He doesnt have the best vocals in the OPM scene (well he doesnt have THE voice actually) but he's in a band singing these quirky music and still receives raves from the people. But one thing I love about Quark is his passion and dedication to whatever art he's pursuing. And you can see all of that in his latest film about one of the things he's passionate about- music.

Rakenrol is Quark Henares' latest film and Diego Castillo helped him write the story. The film is about starting a band and discovering relationships along the journey of realizing the dream. Sort of like autobiographical for Quark and Diego, I suppose. So who's Glaiza de Castro's character? ;) Watch the theatrical trailer below and be excited as I am ;)


{ Julirose Supremo } on: April 10, 2011 at 11:12 PM said...

alam niyo po ba kung kelan po showing nito?

{ domster_92 } on: April 22, 2011 at 6:30 PM said...

imho, the most rakenrol pinoy film ever is "d' punks" with dame leni santos.

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