The Love of Submarine

/ 7.8.11 /
Puppy love, that's the theme of my weekend. Well, at least the movies that I watched. I re-watched the Thai film The Love of Siam and this British film called Submarine. The Love of Siam (starring Mario Maurer *girly scream*) is definitely a classic one. I love how they present the "gay" plot without being too "vulgar". 

Submarine, on the other hand is a different story...literally.

I dont know if i liked the story but I love the way it was told. It's visually appealing to me coz I love grainy films.

Craig Roberts who plays the main guy, Oliver Tate, shines in this film. He's smart, funny and very effective in delivering awkward witty lines. He reminds me of a younger version of James Mcavoy.
Oliver's love interest, Jordana, is another interesting character in the film. 

Plus the soundtrack was just amazing. Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner curated the music for the film and did a fantastic job.

So, there. If you want a kilig-warm&fuzzzy kind of film, I suggest you watch The Love of Siam. If you want something different, Submarine is for sure a must watch.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys!


Anonymous on: August 7, 2011 at 6:19 PM said...

hype! LOL

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