Tuesday Not so Morning Music Bonanza!

/ 29.11.11 /
You can laugh at the title of this post all you want but I assure you that the following bands you're about hear are such winners! (or your money back)

I will start with this awesome band from Brooklyn called Fort Lean. I am not really good at categorizing a band in which genre it falls in to but Fort Lean's music is somehow different from the usual sound Brooklyn bands produce. Their music is a mixture of vintage rock & roll, grunge, melodic indie-rockish music with some surf rock edge. It may look complicated but their music says otherwise. They have a self-titled EP out which you can download for free on their Bandcamp site but you can stream it right here

They just released a music video for their song Beach Holiday (my fav track from the EP)

Another must listen band is Juveniles. They are hairy. They are French and they make amazing new wave indie-pop sound with the right amount of synths. They just signed in to Kitsune few months ago and you can stream their first EP We Are Young below...
We Are Young by Juvenilesmusic
Night Nights by Juvenilesmusic

...and download their current single Hard Working Girls too! J'adore!


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