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Photo by Niña Sandejas
I think I played Japsuki's Monologue Whispers five times while thinking of a nice intro for this feature. Instead of coming up with something to write about, I let it spin three times more and just stare blankly on the monitor. I was in a Japsuki coma. So I had to stop it for a while so I could finish this post and introduce an exceptionally talented musician that is Japs Sergio aka Japsuki.

I asked him some questions about his solo album, Daydream Cycle's comeback album and his least favorite Rivermaya song ;p

I can hear a perfect marriage of Rivermaya and Daydream Cycle on your solo album Monologue Whispers, was this intentional or more a reflection of your sounds overall?
It's a reflection of myself without any compromise.

Why Monologue Whispers?
I thought it was an apt title for a solo project with a low key approach... and it sounded cool at the time too... so yeah...
Have you tried pitching the the track Bitter, Sweeter to the coffee brands? (If you haven't, please do! I'd rather hear this every minute than that coffee jingle! BTW, Bitter, Sweeter is one of my fav tracks) 
Unfortunately, I don't have a team to take care of the business stuff. This project is pretty much open to whatever opportunity that may arise. I'd love for any of the songs to be used for anything actually. By the way, that song is included in a Filipino indiepop compilation that is available for free download here
What's the best part in being a solo artist? 
Everything's at your own pace. The thing with this project is, I literally did everything myself. I'd like to think that I'm an artist with a solo album and not a "solo artist" (if that makes any sense at all). Last summer, the idea/goal was just to do an album from scratch (no old, recycled riffs, etc.) using GarageBand with at least 10 songs and just upload it online for everyone to listen to. It was just for self gratification purposes, being inactive from the music world for months. I got so into it that I finished writing, recording everything in a little over 3 weeks. I wanted to literally capture the moment as it came to me, so most of the stuff you hear in there are fluke moments caught on "tape" so to speak. I let a few people listen to it and they gave me the idea to release the album. Now, I have a so-low key album. 
Are we expecting a Daydream Cycle album soon? Like this year? 
There is a 3rd album that is roughly mixed. It's turning 4 years old this year. In those 4 years, I've recorded music for DDC that can fill a double album. The thing is, I want to finish it as a band. I do very much understand of course, that the four of us have our own thing going on at the moment. So, until we find the time again to be together in one room and finish it, there will be no new album coming out.      
I know you're straight but what's the gayest song on your album? ;)
I don't think there is one. I could be wrong though.

If Japsuki is a food, what would it be? 
It would be f*n delicious ;)

What's your latest status update? ;)
Hmm... lemme check. It's a video link of The Bangles' "Manic Monday", today being... a Monday.
If you're going to be a tourism ambassador of your hometown Paranaque,  what are your 3 favorite things about it (I'm from Paranaque too!), any recommendations?   
Nothing specific but....
-  Despite being overly commercialized nowadays, it's still steady south.
-  It has pretty much everything a city slicker needs.
-  We don't have number coding.
Album art by Niña Sandejas


...are you listening right now?
As I'm answering this, Autolux's "Future Perfect" album is blasting away.

...your favorite website?
None really. But lately, I frequent and
...your least favorite Rivermaya song?
 I'd rather not start World War III. Readers, I'm kidding a.k.a. that was a joke. I honestly can't think of any.

...a track everyone should hear?
All the tracks in my album ;)

...plans for 2012?
There is another project happening and it's like the complete opposite of the Japsuki project. To be continued.

You can stream the entire Monologue Whispers below. And if you want to buy an actual copy of the album, just shoot Japs an email via


{ tndcallphilippines } on: January 10, 2012 at 4:28 PM said...

love the tracks. this will be great to have on a road trip.

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