Waley na ang Laneway.... WAT DUH FAQ!!

/ 6.2.12 /
I dont even know where to start. 

Let's just say it all started with my stupidity. In just one night, I lost most of the things I worked hard for- money, my Blackberry, my IDs and most importantly my passport. I dont want to go into details because there's no one to blame but me. I am just sad I'm going to miss the Laneway Music Festival in Singapore this year. I've been raving about this festival since last year, booked a flight already and even had my ticket and now, the chance of watching The Horrors and M83 in flesh is all gone. I HATE MYSELF LASLKDFAOSIJdAS:DIAPSFSJSJ :( Oh well, everything happens for a reason but


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