ANALOG DIARY: Never thought i'd see this day

/ 1.4.12 /
I never seen this side of Puerto Galera until this day.
the pump boat we rode in/on has this all-seeing eye drawn on the driver's side. Illuminati much?
Whatever happened to White Beach?
This was the trail going to the resort. Where the wild things are! :p 
And the resort we stayed in! The vibe there was totally different from White Beach. It's chill and pretty quiet. If you're into some peaceful retreat, Luca's in Talapanan is THE place! Just a few minutes from White Beach.
They serve authentic Italian food here...
...and it was deeeleesh! mura pa!
pussy waiting to be fed with salami
had my film rolls developed here! haha
lakas lang maka Brazil dito daming yatch.Obrigado!
On the way to white beach, I saw this resort's "reception" area. How inviting, no?
Moonleaf in Puerto pleazzze!
This is how a mermaid chola looks like
YES! there's Korea in Mindoro!
Ederlyn is such a regal name for a princess, no?
Super nice. They turned old jet skis into tables. Ingenious and resourceful!
They served us 1 liter of iced tea. Wished it was spiked though


Anonymous on: April 2, 2012 at 4:36 AM said...

pssst! 5 gallons yung iced tea hindi 1 liter! :p

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