Looking thru the eyes of Sir David Brewster...

/ 29.5.12 /
I woke up the other day practically blind and could not open my eyes in harsh lighting. I thought I'd die that day. My eyes were so sensitive that I couldnt even stand my phone's light. I spent the whole day in darkness with my shades on even during at night.
This was me the night before. My eyes didnt feel scratchy or anything. Even when I went home and took off my contacts, my eyes felt normal until I woke up that morning.
So I went to the doctor the following day and have my eyes checked. There are scratches on my left eye's cornea and I have to stop wearing contacts for three weeks or until it heals. The doctor put some drops on my eye and this bandage and thought it was cool! haha I felt like a real life pirate. But after a few hours of wearing it, it didnt feel cool na. Cant wait to take this off my eye and see what's inside. I hope it's still alive :p


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