I wanna live in Subic please!!!

/ 29.8.12 /
Went to Subic a few weeks back for a shoot. I've always wanted to live here. WHY?
 I love how it has this industrial vibe...
and in a matter of few minutes you can go to a nearby beach...
to swim or...
to shoot :p
 here's our male model Miguel. Someone should give this guy a talkshow. He talks 24/7 nonstop! haha
 and here's our female model Jam. She's the sweetest
 Jam making her hair extra fuffy...
 she's crazy! haha
 our source of energy!!!
 the team...
 Raff our production designer that day :)
 Hi Just!!
 I wanted to have a barbq that day but yeah, we were shooting.
 there's just a lot of greens in Subic, less pollution...
 and the PX products!!!
this was Meat Plus' deadly Apple Pie!! super deelish and also their cheese cake which I wasnt able to take a snap bcoz i was busy eating it! haha. Fun shoot.


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